Monty's Strat Baseplate

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Monty's Strat Baseplate

Monty’s Stratocaster baseplates are the perfect way to beef up a Stratocaster pickup, bringing out all those glorious low mid frequencies without rolling off any top end. Believe it or not, Leo Fender’s original design for the Stratocaster included plain steel baseplates on all three of the pickups. Whilst these never made it into production, many people now use them to fatten up the sound of Stratocaster bridge pickups.

Steel baseplates -which are used on telecaster bridge pickups- subtly alter the magnetic field of the pickup, fattening up the pickup without rolling off the highs. They work really well on strat bridge pickups, bringing a pleasing girth without sacrificing bite. Essentially, they just make it sound a little more like Telecaster. Which, in our books, is a very good thing.