When it comes to Guitar repairs, we at Monty's believe most things are repairable. We have dealt with guitars that have been in warehouse floods, literally beaten on stage and also guitars that have unfortunately been involved in some nasty break ups - all of which have come out the other side as good as new. So what ever your guitar related problem is, Monty's can sort it for you.
Set Up: £60
Adjustment of truss rod, setting of nut and saddle heights, intonation, fret ends and general check and cleaning of electrics.

Fret Dress: £110
As above plus levelling and recrowning of frets.
Refret: From £200
Replacing of the frets plus a Set Up, with your choice of fret wire.
Reshoot & Refret: From £300
Straightening the neck itself to get rid of any lumps, bumps or warping, then refret as above.
Replacement Nut/Saddle: £60
Direct replacement bone nut or saddle. (other materials available but the price may differ)
Electrics: From £30 plus parts
From replacing broken wiring to a complete electronics upgrade. Using parts from the best manufacturers.
Electronics Upgrade Kits:
D.I.Y. from £28/ Prewired from £40
Gluing: From £60
Headstock breaks, cracks, loose struts etc.
Custom Guitars: Contact for quote
Strat and Tele style guitars to your specification.
Monty's to you. On site repairs: Contact for quote

All work guaranteed for 3 months
Subject to terms and conditions. All prices shown may be subject to change.