Monty's Instrument Food - The Original Guitar Nourishing Wax

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Monty's Instrument Food - The Original Guitar Nourishing Wax

Please allow us to introduce the original guitar nourishing wax – Monty’s Instrument Food

If you are looking to indulge your guitar Monty’s outrageously decadent Instrument Food is your only choice.

Instrument Food is the perfect solution for conditioning fingerboards made from rosewood, ebony, or any open grain wood. These woods are always at the mercy of the elements, they absorb the dirt and sweat from your hands and will dry out over time, leading to cracking and permanent damage to your guitar neck.

Monty’s Instrument Food fends this off by penetrating the bare wood and with its magic formula, feeding it with all kinds of glorious, natural deliciousness, while at the same time sealing in that goodness to give the wood a longer life, smooth feel, and a wonderful lustre.

Unlike most ‘lemon’ oils, Monty’s Instrument Food is all-natural and doesn’t contain any solvents. While solvents are effective at cleaning fretboards, they also dry them out leading to unpleasant, permanent problems if used in conditioners. 

We use it on every open guitar fingerboard that comes across our bench, applying it after cleaning and before buffing.

It is also great for many other luthier jobs, sealing and conditioning any type of open-grained wood, it is great on the back of stripped guitar necks, giving them a glassy smoothness, lubricating screw heads to preserve the thread and avoid stripping, lubricating guitar nuts for the perfect setup and we have even used it to coat entire unfinished guitar bodies, sealing them while still allowing the wood to breathe.

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