50's wiring loom for Les Paul

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Neck Tone Cap

50's wiring loom for Les Paul

Monty’s 50s wiring loom is the perfect way to upgrade the wiring on your Les Paul style guitar using premium components and a traditional layout.

Please note that these wiring harnesses are different from our 335 and SG style wiring harnesses
(available here) and that they are not easily interchangeable.

It is our -naturally incredibly humble- opinion that one of the best upgrades you can make to a Les Paul style guitar is to fit one of Monty’s 50s wiring looms (other than fitting a set of Monty’s PAFs of course). The key difference between a modern wiring loom and a 50s wiring loom lies in the relationship between the volume and tone pots. In simple terms, whereas a modern wiring loom connects the tone pots to the input of the volume pot, a 50s wiring loom connects them to the output of the volume pot.

While this might not seem like a huge change, the tonal impact is massive. 50s wiring allows you to retain clarity as you roll down the volume pot, much like a treble bleed circuit (but without its inherent disadvantages). It also changes the response of the tone knobs, creating a slight interaction with the volume pot as you turn the tone pot down. The net effect is transformative; whereas modern wiring can make humbuckers (and P90s) sound muddy as soon as you start to turn anything down, a 50s loom allows the sound to beautifully clean up in response to the volume and tone knobs.

Our looms are made with only the best components: 500k CTS audio taper pots, vintage-correct wire and two of our  own super high-quality oil capacitors. Available with either a 0.015uf or 0.022uf cap in for the neck position.

Most Les Paul will need long-shaft pots, but we can also make these harnesses with short-shaft pots if required.

Instructions for installation are included with all our harnesses, but please be aware that it will involve the tiniest amount of soldering. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, please bring your guitar to Monty’s or any other qualified tech; we will be happy to help you install it.

Please note that the loom dimensions are measured from a Gibson Les Paul. Whilst it should fit most import LP style guitars, we can't guarantee that this will always be the case. Import guitars may also require some minor modification to accommodate imperial thread pots. If you have any questions, please do drop us an email.

Our Les Paul wiring diagram can be downloaded here


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