Humbucker-sized Leviathan P90 Pickup

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Humbucker-sized Leviathan P90 Pickup

Monty’s Humbucker-sized Leviathan P90 delivers the tone of Monty’s girthiest P90 in an incredibly convenient humbucker sized casing, perfect for retrofitting into humbucker guitars or using in custom builds.

Monty’s Leviathan P90 is the hottest, most raucous P90 that we have ever made. With absolutely nothing in the way of subtlety and absolutely everything in the way of gloriously overdriven P90 tone, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the visceral joy of a brazen rock monster.

The Leviathan P90 marries all the girth of a high-output humbucker with the distinctive upper-midrange character of a good P90. We particularly love using it as a bridge pickup, often pairing it with a fairly low output neck pickup. This truly dynamic duo allows for crystalline cleans on the neck pickup, whilst -with the mere flick of a switch- the Leviathan can push your amp into a magnificent natural overdrive.

Equally, for the rock demons amongst you, the Leviathan P90 is also available as a matched set. It goes without saying that one can’t just put one’s overwound pickup in the neck position and expect everything to go smoothly. In order to avoid the muddiness inherent in high output neck pickups, we have employed the stronger Alnico VI magnet, which keeps a nice treble bite without sacrificing any of the fatness of an overwound pickup. A Leviathan set into a big, cranked tube amp is a very joyous noise indeed (our team of distinctly under-qualified law experts have advised me to recommend hearing protection).

All of the HB-sized P90’s in our Turncoat Series are made in the same way as our regular P90s, making sure that the coil, magnet and polepieces are exactly the same shape, size and material. This ensures that our Humbucker-sized Leviathan P90 doesn’t merely resemble the sound of its less traitorous sibling, but is actually the same pickup, the only functional difference being the footprint of the casing. In addition, the pickup covers are high-quality Nickel Silver. These covers have virtually no effect on the tone, so there’s no need to worry about any tone suck from the additional metalwork.

Wax potted to ensure no unwanted squealing, even at ridiculous gain levels.

Scatterwound with Formvar wire

Neck: Alnico VI, 10k

Bridge: Alnico V, 11.3K