About Monty's Pickups


Our sonic recreations of real vintage pickups, the Originals series is the bread and butter of Monty’s pickup universe. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to see, repair and play countless examples of basically every vintage pickup imaginable. While not every old pickup is particularly good (in fact, we’ve seen some absolute shockers in our time), the best of them are simply divine. We’ve worked out what it is that makes these tonal titans tick and distilled their essence into each and every one of our originals series pickups. If you’re after pure vintage tone, these are the pickups for you.


Retro Winds

Our Retro Winds are a range of pickups that are completely at one with themselves; with a perfect balance of vintage voicing and a few modern Montyfications, these pickups are wound to provide the discerning modern player with a vintage vibe. Every tweak that we’ve made is designed to make things a little bit more flexible, be it introducing hum cancelling middle positions, or potting our humbuckers.


Full Monty

What do you get when you take a classic pickup, feed it lots of protein and get it to pump some iron? Answer: A Full Monty. Designed with modernity in mind, our Full Monty’s keep all the clarity of vintage designs, while seriously increasing the output. The result is a pickup that has more than enough grunt for virtually any application, Perfect from anything from the cleanest of cleans to the rockiest of rock tones, these pickups are an ideal match for anyone who needs to cover some serious tonal territory.



Like the ancient, mythical monster of the deep, our Leviathan pickups are vast and monstrous, devoid of compassion or restraint. With a roar to echo through the ages, our Leviathan series pickups are a breed set apart; the hottest pickups we’ve ever made, the Leviathans are for those amongst us unconcerned with trivial notions like subtlety or cleanness. Easily able to push your amp into a glorious natural overdrive, they sound absolutely huge and can handle even the silliest levels of gain. Perfect for anyone who likes to plug in and rock out.



Truly the class traitors of electric guitar pickups, the Turncoat series is a collection of pickups that have struck their colours and transmuted their sonic qualities into the camp of the enemy. Every pickup in this series is designed to give you the sound of one pickup type in the shell of another; be it our current range of Jazzmaster and Humbucker sized P90s or some new designs just over the horizon, all of our Turncoat series will initiate you into the ways of the treacherous, opening up a whole new sonic horizon in the process.



Our Signature Series is a range of pickups designed in collaboration with the players that you know and love. We're massively excited to have recently released our Danish Pete Honoré signature Telecaster set and we've got loads more exciting collaborations coming soon.