Custom Montycasters

Our custom Montycasters are the pinnacle of Monty’s craftmanship. After years of working on guitars of all shapes and sizes, we’ve really come to know what makes the best ones tick. Combining supreme attention to detail with our own handmade pickups, we can build any bolt-on style guitar (or bass) in any configuration that you can imagine; a classic bolt-on shape with any pickup, hardware and woods that you want. The sky really is the limit. 

Every aspect of your custom Montycaster can be tailored to your preference, from the big stuff (like what wood it’s made from, or the choice of pickups), all the way through to the tiniest of details, be it the taper of pots, the capacitance of the wire or the drive on the heads of the pickguard screws. We absolutely delight in details, so nothing is too small a consideration. Equally, if your only concern is having a guitar that sounds absolutely killer, you’re more than welcome to avoid the nitty gritty and let us guide you through the process. 

Once you’ve decided exactly what you want, we’ll source the body and neck from the best suppliers in the industry, either from the UK or USA. There are a few options as far as finishing is concerned. We absolutely love doing all kinds of staining and oiling/wax finishes in house and also work with several of the best spray shops across the country, so can offer pretty much any lacquer finish in any state of agedness. From here on in, everything is done by our own fair hands. We will re-fret the guitar with your choice of fret material/size and reshape the back of neck for improved ergonomics before installing hardware, wiring and pickups to your specification. If you want, we’ll even carve custom comfort contours. We’ll cut the pickguard in house from a material of your choice (assuming you want a pickguard) Following that, we’ll hand cut the nut before setting up the guitar, making it play better than butter. 

The total build time is usually about months from the point of order, although it can of course vary depending on the availability of parts and the complexity of the build. 

Prices start at around £3,000, and varies depending on specs. 

Please contact us to start your custom Montycaster journey.