Monty's UnderSpun PAF Humbucker Pickup

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Monty's UnderSpun PAF Humbucker Pickup

Sometimes less is more. 

As much as we love our standard PAF, sometimes we appreciate a different flavor of vintage Gibson patent applied for awesomeness. 

Figuratively speaking, PAFs historically came in all shapes and sizes, we have all heard the stories of the Gibson winders spinning at different rates due to the number of machines running or from someone just someone putting the kettle on. The winds were often measured by time and not turns so if the machine slowed they would get less copper. This is why the fluctuating electricity supply lead would to a wildly inconstant output, but at the same time, this is the reason that there were some really magic pickups made, and like us, if you have seen enough of them you can really start to piece together the puzzle of the PAF. 

One thing we have noticed is that some of the more unique and tasty PAFs would read lower than average, these examples have increased clarity, sparkle and depth, with a less aggressive, sweeter midrange, to use our tired old analogy, they lean more on the tele and less on the 'roids.

Where our standard PAF could be described as a bright humbucker our UnderSpun PAFs are more like a fat single coil. They are of course still fully humbucking but they have a real flavour of Fullerton. 

They truly are a different beast from a regular PAF, they not only sound different, but they also react differently to your picking attack and with different gain stages, hitting the front end with a softer bloom. 

Once we decided to bottle this magic, it was not as simple as just decreasing the number of winds, to reach the optimum sound and vibe we tailored the wind, the coil offset, and the magnet choice to give the perfect underwound tone. 

The lower wind also allows the guitar's natural resonance to shine through, chords ring out and arpeggios really sing. 

They are made with the same high-quality nickel silver hardware, butyrate bobbins, and 42 gauge plain enamel wire as our regular PAF but feature an alnico 4 magnet in the bridge and an alnico 5 magnet in the neck. 

Approximate Bridge DC Reading - 6.8k

Approximate Neck DC Reading - 6.1k



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