Monty's Neck Bolt Insert Kit

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Monty's Neck Bolt Insert Kit

Monty's Neck Bolt Insert Kit is the perfect way to upgrade your bolt on guitar for better contact between the neck and the pocket.

In our opinion, there are very few things that Leo Fender didn't get spot on when designing his guitars in the late 1940s. One thing that could do with some improvement, however, is the way he chose to attach the neck to the body.

While there's nothing particularly wrong with ye trusty olde wood screw, Monty's Neck Bolt insert kit just makes everything a bit betterer. The bolts can be tightened down further than wood screws can, increasing the contact between the neck and the body. Some people say that this leads to better transfer of vibrations between the neck and the body, resulting in more resonance and sustain. While we can't claim to have done a full spectral analysis, the neck bolts definitely do make the guitar sound a bit more... good.

Another great thing about using neck bolts is that they allow you to take the neck out with no fear of stripping out the screw holes. Every time you take a conventional woodscrew out, you widen the hole it was in. Eventually, they require plugging and redrilling. This is particularly annoying for vintage-style Fender necks, which usually need to be removed to access the truss rod. With the neck bolt kit installed, you can take the neck off as often as you need without any issues whatsoever.

One kit contains 4x threaded inserts, 4x neck bolts, 1x 5.8mm drill bit and 1x 4mm allen key. The kit without tools contains only the threaded inserts and the bolts, perfect for any tinkerers with a lavishly furnished tool cupboard.

We are now offering a bolt kit for all you flat head fanatics out there, it is exactly the same as our regular kit but with flathead screws, perfect for your broadcaster or early blackguard vibes.

As amazing as this kit is, it does require you to enlarge the neck holes and can be a little tricky to install correctly; if you are not confident doing this yourself, we would be delighted to install it for you, or point you in the direction of someone who can.


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