Monty's MORE! Double Boost Pedal With Loop

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Monty's MORE! Double Boost Pedal With Loop

The More! is a dual boost made up of two independent 15db JFET clean boost circuits. Each boost has the feel and response of a valve (tube) amp’s input stage, adding life and clarity to sterile tones, even when set at zero. It allows you to go from unity to 30db of boost in a multitude of different pre and post drive stage combinations, with the use of the More!’s unique built in loop.


The pedal can be used in a variety of ways, the first approach is to use it as a straightforward boost, giving you up to 30dbs of power, in various combinations of the More!’s two sides, into the front end of your amp or into your favourite pedals.


Apart from being the best clean boost you have ever heard the More! has a not-so-secret feature, the fabled loop. This is the second way to use the pedal, the feature allows you to insert a pedal or pedals of your choice in between the two More!s, allowing you to drive the front end of your chosen pedals with one More! and boosting the result with the other.


The third way is to use the loop in conjunction with the send and return of your amp’s effects loop. This way you can use one side to boost the preamp for extra gain and the other for extra volume, the ultimate all-in-one solo boost.


The More! was designed in collaboration with the bearded electronic behemoth Steve Crow of Audio Kitchen fame, the inspiration for this pedal coming from years of being a gigging musician, using two boosts to get the tones I was hearing in my head.


The More! can be run from 9v up to 18v for even more More!


However you chose to use it, the More! is guaranteed to give you More!






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