'62 P Bass Pickup

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'62 P Bass Pickup

Monty’s ’62 P-bass pickup is our sonic recreation of a classic, post-1957 P-Bass pickup. We’ve been fortunate enough to see quite a few of these absolute beasts over the years, and this set replicates everything that all the best ones had in common.

Just like the originals, our ’62 P-bass pickup is a properly punchy, direct sounding pickup. It has a wonderfully percussive attack and is exceptionally touch sensitive, really capturing every nuance of your playing. This pickup has the quintessential P-bass snap, with a huge low end, punchy mids and just the right amount of treble.

The two coils of this pickup are RWRP, effectively making it humbucker. This is the way that all P-bass pickups have been since the advent of the two-coil design in 1957, the same year that a well-known rival introduced the PAF humbucker.

Like all old Fender pickups, our ’62 P-bass pickup is only partially potted. This keeps the centre of the coil free from wax, resulting in increased clarity and responsiveness.

The vintage sticklers amongst you will know that late 50’s/early 60’s P-basses had a brass shielding plate on the underside of pickup. We don’t currently supply these and we haven’t found that they make a noticeable difference to the sound (probably because they are separated from the pickup by a hefty old foam wedge). To be honest, they don’t really do anything that a little dash of shielding paint can’t replicate.


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