Retro Wind Tele Pickup Set

The Monty's Retro Wind pickup set is pure vintage Tele® twang with a twist. An incredibly lively touch responsive set that works great with styles from clean country to blues rock.

The neck is scatter-wound with 42 gauge wire and uses Alnico 3 magnets to create a more open tone with a sweeter treble response than typically found in vintage tele pickups.

The bridge uses the same wire and magnet type as the neck - the result being a sparkling Tele® twang that is open, percussive and rich in harmonics.

Neck 5.5k

Bridge 6.6k 

All our Telecaster® pickup sets come with push-back cloth wire, mounting screws and springs and are wax potted by different amounts depending on the pickup model. The neck pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling in the middle position.  The neck pickup is available with a nickel, chrome or gold cover or without. We can also ground the cover separately allowing for the 4 way series mod and fat humbucker tones.

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