Monty's Instrument Food Guitar Wax

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Food bearing vessel

Monty's Instrument Food Guitar Wax

Introducing Monty’s instrument food, our outrageously decadent guitar finishing wax.

Monty’s instrument food really is the perfect way to indulge your guitar. We use it on every Rosewood fingerboard to achieve a luxurious lustre and buttery-smooth feel, applying it after lemon oil and before buffing. We also use to give our natural wood necks a gloriously velvety finish. Really though, it is great for sealing and conditioning any kind of raw wood- it can even be used to finish an entire guitar! It feels amazing and -trust us- your guitar will love you for it.

To feed your guitar with Monty’s instrument food, use a clean cloth (kitchen towel works great) to work it into the wood, before then wiping away any excess. It really is as simple as that.

Made in-house with beeswax sourced from within London and fragranced with a subtle hint of grapefruit, our instrument food is so lovely that you’ll want to eat it (although we would strongly advise that you don’t). Look out for our limited runs of sweet and spicy seasonal fragrances.

Monty's Instrument Food is now available in a Monty's Mug, perfect for techs, luthiers or anybody doing seriously industrial amounts of tinkering. We use these mugs of Instrument Food in our own workshop and, with almost six times as much food as a regular tin, they last for ages.


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