'59 Jazzmaster Pickup

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'59 Jazzmaster Pickup

Monty’s ’59 Jazzmaster pickup set is our recreation of the pickups from a second production year Jazzmaster. Modelled off the pickups from one of the best original 1959 Jazzmasters that we have ever had the privilege of playing and referenced against countless others, we believe that these pickups really capture the essence of authentic Jazzmaster tone.

Boasting a wonderfully detailed sound and with subtlest of scoops in the low mids, these pickups have an incredibly open quality that few other designs can equal. In particular, the neck pickup has an astonishing depth of sound; the sound is noticeably less focused than a strat-style pickup, boasting an airy, three-dimensional timbre with buckets of harmonic content and an incredibly clear attack. As with the originals, the bridge pickup has all the classic Jazzmaster twang, perfect for recreating the vintage tones that so many Jazzmaster enthusiasts lust after. As you would expect, the pickups blend together magnificently for a middle position that balances the warmth of the neck pickup with the twang of the bridge pickup.

Whilst the Jazzmaster is traditionally associated with a fairly limited range of genres, they are more than capable of being used in a wide range of styles. One thing that we love to do to our Jazzmasters is experiment with the pot values. Monty’s ’59 Jazzmaster set will give unbelievably authentic vintage Jazzmaster tone with the traditional 1Meg pots, but also sounds absolutely fantastic using 500k or -if you're really feeling experimental- even 250k pots; we’d really recommend messing around with them to see what you like best.

True to the originals, these pickups feature magnets bevelled by our own fair hands and our painstaking recreation of the original ’59 Jazzmaster magnet stagger.

Like all our single coil pickups (and just like old Fender pickups), our ’58 pickups are only partially potted. This keeps the centre of the coil free from wax, resulting in increased clarity and responsiveness.

Scatterwound using period correct 42-gauge Plain Enamel wire:

Neck- Alnico III, 5.8k

Bridge- Alnico III, 6.3k


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