Full Monty Tele Pickup Set

The Full Monty Telecaster® set is designed to turn your guitar up a notch and push your amp that little bit harder. Great for anything from pop to rock. Have them fully open for pure grunt and sustain or roll them back for great shimmering clean tones.

The neck pickup uses scatter wound 42 gauge wire and Alnico V magnets to create a full bodied tone, yet it retains an open clarity in its treble response that can be easily lost in hotter pickups. The Bridge pickup is classic tele but with more "balls", closer to P90 territory but still with that classic tele attack. The combination of scatter-wound 42 gauge wire and Alnico V magnets give you a pickup that is not super high in output yet really drives an amp sweetly and retains its clarity and note definition which won't blow your ears off with brash highs. The mids and bass are tight and rich, allowing you to easily handle any riff you through at it, whilst the highs cut through sweetly so you will never get lost in the mix.

Neck 7.2k

Bridge 8.3k

All our Telecaster® sets come with push-back cloth wire, mounting screws and springs and are wax potted by different amounts depending on the pickup model. The neck pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling in the middle position.  The neck pickup is available with a nickel, chrome or gold cover or without. We can also ground the cover separately allowing for the 4 way series mod.






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