Full Monty Stratocaster Pickup

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Bridge Baseplate

Full Monty Stratocaster Pickup

Our Full Monty Stratocaster set is designed to take your Strat, feed it some wholesome tonal pies and fatten it up, giving a huge tone that never loses the clarity you expect from a good strat pickup. Incredibly versatile, these pickups are great for anything and everything from pop to rock and beyond.

The Full Monty’s can really push your amp, providing for a full drive with loads of sustain. When fully open they have a P90-esque quality that really growls, but also retains all the top end shimmer you need to cut through the mix. They respond incredibly well to the volume pot, giving glistening clean tones when rolled back. Positions 2 and 4 keep plenty of the classic strat ‘quack’, with a just little added beefiness.

These pickups also work fantastically with a whole range of modern wiring options. Our favourite is the addition of the series wiring, which allows you to get some great humbucker tones, adding even more versatility to your guitar.

The Full Monty’s feature vintage-correct cloth pushback wire and forbon flatwork. As standard, the middle pickup is RWRP for hum cancellation in positions 2 and 4. We also offer an RWRP bridge set, perfect for anyone looking to use a series blend pot mod.

We’ve made this set available with a plain steel baseplate on the bridge pickup. Steel baseplates -which are used on telecaster bridge pickups- subtly alter the magnetic field of the pickup, fattening it up without rolling off the highs. Many people like to use these on Strat bridge pickups, so we’ve made it available as an option. As a plus, it also provides a little bit more shielding, reducing the hum inherent to single-coil designs.

Scatter-wound coils with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire:

Neck 6.8k

Middle 7.1k

Bridge 7.6k



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