Retro Wind Humbucker Pickup

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Retro Wind Humbucker Pickup

Monty's Retro Wind Humbucker (formerly known as the Humdinger) is a vintage-voiced humbucker with a modern twist. Slightly hotter than a true vintage humbucker, it has a tight response in the bass, with a slight bite in the mids and lush, dynamic highs. As with all our humbuckers, the coils are ever so slightly unbalanced in order to preserve highs and increase clarity.

These pickups are wax potted, resulting in a more present, direct sound than many vintage humbuckers, with fewer harmonic overtones. This makes these pickups great for cutting through even the most crowded of mixes. Whilst a well-designed unpotted pickup should be able to handle serious amounts of gain, the wax potting of the Retro Wind ensures that it will always behave itself, no matter what you throw at it.  

Monty’s Retro Wind Humbuckers come with four conductor connector wire as standard, allowing you to wire them in almost any way imaginable. 

Scatter wound using 42 gauge plain enamel wire:

Neck – Alnico V, 7.4k

Bridge – Alnico IV, 8.2k




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