Monty's Broadcaster Screw Set

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Monty's Broadcaster Screw Set

Monty's Broadcaster Screw Set is the perfect solution for giving your Telecaster the look of a vintage correct Fender Broadcaster with the turn of a few screws.

The original Fender Broadcaster and Nocaster guitars were held together with flat or slot head screws, but in 1951 Leo decided to move away from these and start using Phillips head screws, this lead to a transition period where both were used, and by the end of 1953 Fender were totally in the realm of the Phillips head. 

Monty's screws are made from high-quality steel and each Broadcaster set contains - 

Screws included

1 x String tree screw

7 x Tuning key screws

4 x Neck screws

10 x Pickguard screws (for both pickguard and control plate)

6 x Bridge screws (for both bridge and strap buttons)

5 x Bridge pickup machine screws (for both bridge pickup and pickup selector switch)

We recommend using Monty's Instrument Food when putting the new screws into your guitar, it lubricates the thread and extends the life of your holes, the last thing anyone wants is a worn-out hole!