Monty’s Baseball Cap Pink Logo

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Dark Grey

Monty’s Baseball Cap Pink Logo

Introducing Monty's cranially positioned tone enhancer. Simply position this hat atop your cerebrum and wonder at the mojo-magnifying effect that its Monty-tastic monochrome constitution has on the tone of your guitar. From the moment you put it on, vintage goodness will emanate forth from your fingertips, opening up a whole new cosmos of unrivalled tonal perfection.  

We've recreated this hat to the exact 1950s specs that Leo Fender himself would have used (had he worn baseball caps), keeping it black and white for a true pre-CBS aesthetic. Look out for the colourised 1970s edition, coming soon with a slightly wonky logo and period-correct build quality.

(While none of the above is entirely true, this hat certainly does make you look a whole lot cooler!)

Available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.