Jazzmaster-sized '54 P90 Pickup

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Jazzmaster-sized '54 P90 Pickup

Monty’s Jazzmaster-sized ’54 P90 provides all the tone of an authentic vintage P90 in a Jazzmaster sized casing, perfect for getting a whole new palette of tones from a Jazzmaster without any routing or modification.

Like its more traditionally proportioned sibling (available here), Monty’s Jazzmaster-sized ’54 P90 is (at least internally) a recreation of a vintage P90, modelled on the two best P90s we have ever seen here at Monty’s, one from a 1954 Gibson Les Paul and the other from a mid-60s Epiphone Century.

The thing that really struck us about these vintage Gibson P90s (and for anyone wondering, 60s Epiphones absolutely did have real Gibson P90s) is how much clarity they had; they have all the thick tones that you might expect, but with less mid-range and a lower output than many modern P90s. We’ve emulated all of this in the ’54, creating an incredibly versatile P90 with a little less honk than many people associate with this kind of a pickup. It is impressively touch responsive, with full, airy mids and plenty of bite.

We make our JM-sized P90’s pickups in exactly the same way as our regular P90s, making sure that the coil, magnet and polepieces are exactly the same shape, size and material. This ensures that our Jazzmaster-sized ’54 P90 doesn’t merely resemble the sound of our ’54 P90, but is actually the same pickup, the only functional difference being the footprint of the casing.

Monty’s ’54 P90 has no wax-potting, ensuring maximum clarity and responsiveness.

Scatter wound using 42 gauge plain enamel wire:

Neck- Alnico V, 7.1k

Bridge- Alnico V, 7.7k

Click here for our easy to follow Jazzmaster wiring diagram