Full Monty Telecaster Pickup

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Full Monty Telecaster Pickup

Our Full Monty Telecaster set is designed to push your amp that little bit harder without sacrificing any of the clarity that you’d expect from a good telecaster set. A really versatile set of pickups, the Full Monty’s are responsive and defined; have them fully open for grunt and sustain or roll them back for great shimmering clean tones.

The neck pickup marries all the girth you’d ever want with a clarity in its treble response that can so easily be lost in hot pickups. We’ve voiced it sound slightly reminiscent of a strat neck pickup, opening up the top end and massively increasing the flexibility. The bridge pickup is nice and beefy, getting close to P90 territory while never losing that classic tele attack. It had plenty of clarity and note definition but won't blow your ears off with overly brash highs. The mids and bass are tight and rich, allowing you to use as much gain as you want without ever losing control.

Like all our Tele pickups, our Full Montys are only partially potted. This keeps the centre of the coil free from wax, resulting in increased clarity and responsiveness. The neck pickup is RWRP for a hum cancelling middle position. In addition, we ground the neck pickup cover separately, ensuring that installing a 4 or 5-way loom (like Monty’s 5-way) is an absolute doddle.

Scatterwound with 42 gauge plain enamel wire.

Neck- Alnico V, 7.2k

Bridge- Alnico V, 8.3k


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