Full Monty P90 Pickup

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Full Monty P90 Pickup

The P90 is a simply fantastic pickup design that often gets overlooked. But really, with all the fatness of a good humbucker and the bite of a single-coil, what is there not to like? The Full Monty P90 (previously known as the M90) is Monty's supercharged version of a classic P90; with more output and mid-range bite than a vintage P90, this pickup is designed to sound as you expect a great P90 should.

A good P90 is always an incredibly dynamic pickup, and the Full Monty is no exception; capable of everything from raucous overdrives to glassy clean tones, the Full Monty P90 is incredibly responsive to both the volume control and your pick attack. The lows are tight and punchy, the mids growl away happily, and the highs cut through. A set of these pickups into a cranked valve amp really is a profoundly pleasurable experience.

These pickups are wax potted, so you can use as much gain as you want without having to worry about any unwanted side effects.

Scatter wound using 42 gauge plain enamel wire:

Neck – Alnico V, 7.9k
Bridge – Alnico V, 8.9k

Click here for a sample of the sounds they can make


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