Full Monty Stratocaster Pickup

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Bridge Baseplate

Full Monty Stratocaster Pickup

Have you ever played a Stratocaster and loved the sound but wanted just a little bit more? Well look no further, the Full Monty Stratocaster set has been designed to take the classic Strat sound as far as it can go by adding Monty’s patented ‘pure sonic girth’ while keeping everything quintessentially Stratty.

When wound wide open they start to verge on P90 territory, retaining the sweetness, the crispness and the clarity that you expect from a good Strat pickup while at the same time repeatedly kicking you in the balls… tonally speaking of course.

While the Full Monty’s are more than capable of pushing the front end of your amp into luxuriant overdrive with a real sense of weight and ample amounts of natural sustain, they never sacrifice clarity or top end shimmer for grunt and thrust, which provides the ability to cut through the mix and be heard without resorting to the amplifier volume creeping up and risking the soundman’s inevitable ire.

The set has a true dynamic range, varying your pick attack has a massive impact on the tone, lightly caressing the strings will clean up a dirty signal and digging in will unleash the aggression in the cleanest of tones.

The Full Monty Stratocaster Set prides itself on its versatility, it is more than happy to cover any sonic terrain you choose to traverse, rubbery funk flavoured rhythm chops, grizzled greasy blues bends, acid drenched headband wearing fuzz freak-outs, cousin bothering deep fried backwards country double stops, satanic panic inducing doom laden riffage, 100% Columbian pure Studio 54 slinky chord stabs and reggae.

If you are looking for a Stratocaster pickup set that can do it all, you have found it.



A Little Full Monty History

We may be best known for our accurate sonic recreations of vintage pickups, but we also spend a huge amount of time developing unique pickup models that are designed to give the modern player what they need to shape their own sound.

Versatility is the name of the game here, while there are so many specific eras of Strat pickups we love, each being able to cover a particular set of tones, we wanted to make a set that was able to do it all, taking the humble Strat from glassy cleans, through chewy, at the point of break up rhythm tones, right up to supersaturated ‘caught my Rodney in my flies’ face pulling lead tones.

Each pickup is uniquely calibrated for the maximum sonic real estate, we have delved deep with this set, not only obsessing about the wind pattern but varying the three bobbin sizes and custom Alnico 5 magnets to give you the perfect balance of tones in any position across the board.

The set is designed to be used in conjunction with your volume pot, just rolling back a couple of numbers down from TEN will give you all the archetypal early sixties Strat tones we know and love and a number below that will take you to the later sixties glassy Strat chime.

A personal Monty’s favourite option is adding a steel bridge baseplate to the bridge pickup, better yet, a DOUBLE thick steel baseplate, to really fatten up the tone. Many people talk of over-winding to get that little bit extra oomph, where this will give you that mid boost, the increase in that frequency range has the unpleasant side effect of masking the important higher frequencies, which means it’s one sonic step forward and two steps back. An addition of a baseplate does not do this, you get the extra kick in the low mids while keeping the high end sweet and strong.


Technical Details 

Wire - Heavy Formvar

Magnet Type - Alnico 5 

Middle Pickup - RWRP 

Wire Type - Cloth Pushback

Approximate DC Resistance Readings - Neck 6.8k - Middle 7.1k - Bridge 7.6k


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