Full Monty Humbucker Pickup

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Your Full Monty

Full Monty Humbucker Pickup

Our Full Monty Humbucker (formerly the GT500) is a massively beefed up version of a classic humbucker. Conceived to be the most versatile Humbucker imaginable, the Full Monty is capable of covering a simply mindboggling range of tones from sweet, bright cleans to massive rock tones and beyond.

Our Full Monty Humbucker was actually the first pickup that Monty’s ever made, designed by Matt (he’s the boss), for personal use in a covers band. The idea was to marry the big, growly bass of a high output Humbucker with the complex mids and crystalline highs of a good PAF. In our experience, many higher-output humbuckers either have a nice bass response and skinny treble, or thick treble and loose, muddy bass. We absolutely felt we could fix this and, after much tinkering, arrived at the Full Monty.

The key to getting this right was taking inspiration from vintage pickup design. Whilst the Full Monty is overwound, it’s nowhere near as hot as some high-output Humbuckers. These pickups are more than pokey enough to give your amp a little kicking, but not so hot as to strangle the life out of it. The 42-gauge wire and traditional coil offset ensure a lively top-end and dynamic response. The result is a pickup that is as dynamic, responsive and clear as any good low-output Humbucker with all the fatness of higher-output Humbucker.

Scatterwound using 42 gauge Formvar (neck pickup) and Plain Enamel (Bridge pickup) wire:

Neck- Alnico V, 7.9k

Bridge – Alnico II, 9k







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