Monty's Guitars T-Shirt

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Monty's Guitars T-Shirt


We are very pleased to present the Monty’s T-shirt. Now you can declare your love of all things Monty’s to the rest of the world. Or you can wear it as a pyjama top. It really is up to you.

As well as having a striking portrait of our resident Victorian gentleman, this is actually a very nice T-shirt. Made for us by the wonderful folks over at Rapanui clothing, these T-shirts are sustainably sourced, made entirely of organic cotton and crafted in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory.

Much like a Telecaster bridge pickup, these T-shirts come in a dazzling array of colours, including (and by every means limited to) Black, Black and Black. The printing’s a nice silvery colour though and more colours will be available in future.

Currently available in all sizes from Small through Extra Large. All going to plan more colours (or colors for our American friends), sizes and designs will follow swiftly.