M90 Pickup Set

The P90 has the best of both worlds, fat juicy tones akin to that of a humbucker and the bite of a single coil - what's there not to like? The M90 pickup is Monty's take on that classic sound. Scatter-wound coils and balanced Alnico magnets are used to create a dynamic harmonically rich sound where the lows are tight and punchy, the mids growl away happily, and the highs cut through pushing your amp just over the edge, and backing off with the volume control gives you sweet clear tones. Valve amp plus M90 set equals a very happy chappy.

Neck – 7.9k

Bridge – 8.9k

M & J 90 pickups come with braided connector wire and are wax potted. They are available in both soap bar and dog ear styles, with either cream and black covers.

When ordering singles please specify colour in the order notes.