JMI AC15 2000s Beige



JMI AC15 2000s Beige

This is a JMI AC15 Combo Amplifier from the early 2000s. JMI (short for Jennings musical instruments) was the brand that owned Vox in the late 50's and early 60's. Revived in the late 1990's, JMI's early 2000 amplifiers are legendary recreations of the original VOX designs. Handwired in the UK, this amp is a truly magnificent sounding beast.

This is a detailed replica of the original 1961/62 JMI 15 15-watt combo. The cabinet design uses the classic brown grille cloth, beige Tolex covering and a 12” Alnico Blue speaker.

The amp’s chassis features the original style red JMI control panel, point-to-point wired circuitry, twin channels and four inputs (Vib/Trem, Normal).

This amp has been fully serviced by our in-house amp tech. If you fancy giving it a try, please feel free to drop by our workshop. We are based in Acton, London.

Due to a combination of its size, weight and value, we are selling this amp on a collection only basis. We really wouldn't want it getting damaged in the post. You are more than welcome to arrange your own courier, but please note that this would be entirely at your own risk.