GT500 Humbucker Pickup Set

Imagine a Humbucker that's got it all. Warm, tight, big and growly bass, complex and sweet mids and lush, thick,  creamy highs. In our experience most Humbuckers we have ever tried had either a nice bass response and skinny treble, or thick treble and loose, muddy bass. We had to rectify the situation and after much experimentation came up with the GT500 (formally the Mutterbucker). Now here is a pickup that hangs with the best. Eddie's swagger, Angus' attitude, Gary's sustain? Yep, it's all there. Slightly overwound to around 9K it's hot enough to give your amp a little kicking but not too hot to strangle the input. It picks up every nuance of your touch and seems to make the notes connect just that little bit quicker for a very dynamic and fluent style.

The GT500 bridge has now been married up with a neck Humbucker that is warm and sweet sounding whilst retaining a woody bite. The GT500 neck is wound with Heavy Formvar wire usually used in single coils, as the coating is slightly thicker it gives the GT500 neck pickup a fatter coil than you would expect creating more mids and punch. the coils are also unbalanced by a few percent which give this pickup its great high end response.

Bridge - 9k

Neck - 7.9k

Cover options are Nickel, Chrome or Gold. You can have them uncovered with a choice of cream, black or zebra bobbins.