Aria Pro II PE-800 1981 Antique Red Burst



Aria Pro II PE-800 1981 Antique Red Burst

This guitar was made in Japan as part of Aria's highly regarded 'Prototype' range in 1981. 

It has an ash body and a set maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

It has been re-fretted by us and has been retrofitted with Grover tuners.

This guitar is over 37 years old and wears the scars of a well-played instrument. There are dents and chips on the edge of the guitar and also on the edges of the headstock, but they are all purely aesthetic and don't impact on the playability or sound.

This guitar has been set up with Elixir 10-46s, but we would be delighted to set the guitar up with any string gauge of your choosing; just leave a note at the checkout to let us know what you would like.

If you fancy giving this guitar a try, please feel free to drop by our workshop. We are based in Acton, London.

Please note that, due to CITES regulations, we are unable to ship this guitar outside of the EU