Retro Wind Telecaster Pickup

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Retro Wind Telecaster Pickup

Monty's Retro Wind Tele set is vintage twang with a twist. Based on the pickups from a ’68 Telecaster and tweaked to perfection, the Retro Wind Tele set is for anyone after a vintage-voiced pickup set designed with the modern player in mind. Boasting a lively, touch responsive sound, our Retro Winds are ideal for everything from clean country to classic rock.

We’ve voiced the neck pickup for a chimey, bell-like tone, somewhat reminiscent of Stratocaster neck pickup and just a tad more open than most vintage Tele neck pickups. The bridge pickup is designed to complement this, with all the twang you would expect of a vintage style pickup, but an ever so slightly sweetened high end. The result is a sparkling sound that is open, percussive and rich in harmonics without ever suffering from the dreaded Telecaster ‘ice-pick’. The two pickups blend together superbly for a bright telecaster middle position.

Like all our Tele pickups, our Retro Winds are only partially potted. This keeps the centre of the coil free from wax, resulting in increased clarity and responsiveness.

Just as you would expect, these pickups come with the perfect blend of vintage and modern appointments; the vintage-correct pushback cloth wire and forbon flatwork are married with an RWRP neck pickup for a hum cancelling middle position. 

Scatterwound wind 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire:

Neck- Alnico III, 5.5k

Bridge- Alnico III, 6.6k 


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