Retro Wind Jazzmaster Pickup

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Retro Wind Jazzmaster Pickup

Monty’s Retro Wind Jazzmaster set takes this classic design to new heights, creating a perfect fusion of old and new that massively increases a Jazzmaster’s versatility whilst always staying true to the essence of vintage jazzmaster tone.

Essentially an overwound version of Monty’s ’59 Jazzmaster set, our Retro Wind set is a little beefier than a true vintage recreation, with a slight lift in the midrange. Equally, they retain the openness of a traditional jazzmaster pickup, making them the perfect choice for Jazzmaster players looking to increase the flexibility of their instrument. In particular, the additional output drastically increases the usability of the bridge pickup, which can get a little thin on vintage Jazzmaster pickups. Whilst this is absolutely part of the charm of an old Jazzmaster, it isn’t for everyone; the Retro Wind set changes this, beefing up the bridge pickup for a rounder sound capable of pushing your amp into a sweet overdrive.

 Like all our single coil pickups, these pickups are only partially potted. This keeps the centre of the coil free from wax, resulting in increased clarity and responsiveness.

Scatterwound using 42-gauge heavy formvar wire:

Neck- Alnico V, 7.8k

Bridge- Alnico V, 8.3k

Click here for our easy to follow Jazzmaster wiring diagram


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