Monty's Danish Pete DP51 Telecaster

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Monty's Danish Pete DP51 Telecaster

Monty's Guitars is delighted to present our Danish Pete signature Telecaster pickup set. We doubt that Danish Pete is a man who needs any introduction; a veritable titan amongst guitar players and a presenter on the astoundingly successful Andertons TV YouTube channel, we were honoréd when Pete tasked us with creating a set of pickups that captures and distills the tonal essence of his legendary purple Telecaster. The result is a set that pairs a beautifully beefy bridge pickup with a clear, bright neck pickup, perfectly recreating the sound of Pete's much-adored Tele.

The neck pickup is a pretty significant departure from what you might expect in a Telecaster; true to the original pickup in Pete's Tele, it features an exceptionally tall coil, giving it an incredibly detailed, clear sound that is far more reminiscent of a Strat pickup than a traditional Tele design. The bridge pickup in Pete's Tele was based on a classic Nocaster design, but we discovered that it also had a couple of idiosyncrasies that were elemental in shaping the sound; the coil is slightly squatter than standard for a Tele bridge pickup and it features a unique magnet stagger. We've recreated all of this in the signature pickup and also used a double thickness plain steel baseplate, resulting in a pickup that sounds deliciously full and gutsy without sacrificing the brightness and twang that all good Telecasters should have.

Like all of Monty's single coils, our Danish Pete Signature set is only partially potted. This keeps the middle of the coil free from wax and ensures maximum clarity and responsiveness. They are scatter wound using 43 AWG plain enamel wire for the bridge and 42 AWG SPN 155 wire (with a lovely red hue) for the neck.

Neck - Alnico V

Bridge- Alnico V







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