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Monty's set-up days are designed to help discerning guitarists and bass players of any level get the most out of their instruments. 


The way your guitar is set-up can make a huge difference to how well it works and to how good it feels in your hands and If you can make

your instrument as easy as possible to play, it will help you forget about the technical things and just concentrate on making music. 

Although there are general rules that will always apply to setup a guitar, and applying them will get you a good result, you may not get a great one. 

Every guitar is different, and every guitarist is different and having the knowledge to be able to tailor the set-up of your guitar to

your playing style is something that is very hard to explain in a YouTube video. 

 It's that final 1 or 2% that makes all the difference. 

To make sure you get the best set-up possible you need to know that the neck of your instrument is as true as it can be, and this is where fret dressing comes in. 

We will include fret-dressing as part of the set-up day, over and above the proper way to restring, truss rod adjustments, bridge and saddle height adjustments, intonation, fingerboard maintenance and some basic electronic adjustments (like pickup height) and problem solving. 

Fret dressing allows you to make sure that any lumps and bumps in the neck are taken care of. 

Once fret wear is gone you can set about getting the action and playability to where it needs to be.  

Obviously, while you are here you can fire any other guitar related questions at me. 

If I don't know the answers I will try to find out for you from someone who does. 

The Monty's workshop days will be small classes of 3 and me (and yes! You can call me Monty). 

We would aim to get started at 9 a.m. and finish at 2 p.m. 

You can work on your own guitar or one of our charity giveaway guitars if you'd like. 

You can bring anything - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, metal inclined Floyd Rose equipped guitar - whatever you like. 

I'll help you get it setup to play like butter.... if not better. 

Knowing how your instrument works and how to adjust it or fix it when needed will be a valuable addition to your arsenal of knowledge. 

Not only are these useful skills that can save you money, but you could possibly earn money doing it, if you get it right. 

I love what I do, and I want to share my love with you all.


Monty's Guitars look forward to meeting you and to passing on the knowledge.


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