Monty’s Guitar Maintenance Course

Tinker with the best in the business.

Saturdays from 9 am - 2 pm 

Price - £500 


 Do you want your guitar to play like butter? Or maybe you fancy learning how to change pickups yourself? Perhaps you’re ready to take your guitar tech skills to the next level?!

Join Matt (aka Monty), the head honcho here at Monty’s guitars, on one of our guitar maintenance courses. The Stratocaster of guitar courses, our course can be completely personalised to your requirements, experience and skills; Monty would be delighted to teach you about anything related to electric, acoustic and/or bass guitars (and basically any other lute-shaped instrument, come to think of it). So, do give us a call (or contact us) to discuss your needs/wants -you could even give us your biscuit order. Monty can teach you:




Soldering and electronics

Making bone nuts and saddles



Pickguard cutting



Whatever else you want to learn!


Do feel free to bring your guitar along to work on, but we also have charity guitars on site that you can work on if you would rather!

 All our courses are held with a group of no more than 3 people, often less. Monty has over 19 years of experience repairing guitars, so he can answer pretty much any question you throw at him. And be assured that, under our roof, there really is no such thing as a stupid question.

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