Monty's OverSpun PAF Humbucker Pickup

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Monty's OverSpun PAF Humbucker Pickup

As a furious wise man once said, 'Less is not more, more is more!'

This ancient Swedish philosophy is at the heart of the OverSpun PAF set. We took the classic Monty’s PAF sound with all the trademark clarity, dynamics and cut and added more balls, more hairy balls, more huge hairy balls.

While our Original PAF pickups set the bar for pure vintage humbucker tone and our UnderSpun PAFs upped the clarity factor while dropping the winds, our OverSpun PAF set takes pure PAF tone to the next level. As you would expect they are sonically thicker, fatter, and able to drive the front end of your amp or pedal harder and quicker, but all the while retaining all the unpotted 3D sparkle of a great 1950s humbucker.

Over the years we have seen hundreds of examples of real PAFs and have always paid keen attention to the specifications of each one. As with all vintage pickups, all PAFs were not created equally. Due to the less than consistent manufacturing methods of the fifties and sixties, PAFs were anything but uniform. For us the classic PAF resides in a particular sonic pocket, but we have seen PAFs that sound incredible but which fall outside that area. Some were less powerful, the reduced juice gave them more clarity and a real single coil flavour, the best example of these is highlighted with our UnderSpun PAF set. And some were more potent, with an extra fatness and unique thrust, while keeping that elusive clarity that all good PAFs have, which we are highlighting now, with the Monty’s OverSpun PAF set.

The Monty’s OverSpun PAF set was inspired by two individual PAFs we loved from two different guitars. The bridge was from a ‘59 355 and the neck was from a ‘58 burst. Both were considerably hotter than average but still sounded absolutely PAF-tastic. We took these two pickups as a starting point and set about making a perfectly balanced set out of them. From the readings we took we did a little tweaking; we did a little twerking and then a little bit of good old-fashioned tinkering. It wasn’t as straight forward as simply adding more winds to the coil, this approach would mean the PAF magic would have been quickly lost, so our course of action was to go back to the very beginning and create a unique wind patten, coil tension, coil offset and pairing of magnets to keep the dream alive.

With this set we were aiming for a balance of balls and angelic clarity, and we got it, with the OverSpun PAFs you get nothing short of a pure dose of angelic testiculartude. The OverSpun PAFs are perfect for those with bigger amps with higher headroom that need a little extra push, and for those players with smaller amps, that when their guitar is at ten, live in the world of creamy overdrive and with a simple downwards turn of their volume knob enter a dimension of crystal clean chime. If you love vintage tone and dynamics, but need more from your guitar, these are the pickups that will change everything for you.

The OverSpun PAFs are made with the same high-quality nickel silver hardware, butyrate bobbins, and 42-gauge plain enamel wire as our regular PAF but feature rough cast alnico 4 magnets in the bridge and the neck.

Approximate Bridge DC Reading – 9.1k

Approximate Neck DC Reading – 8k



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